100 Days of Lasting Change

Do your New Year’s Resolutions rarely last? Do you struggle with setting new healthy habits for yourself?

Sometimes in order to really make a change in our lives, we need support, encouragement, and momentum to drive us towards change.

Often, we need more than just our own willpower.

Join this 100 Day Challenge

Instead of relying only on ourselves, you can get the help you need to stay focused, present, aware and happy while creating that new you.

Working with Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind, you’ll receive the following over the next 100 days:

  • Powerful but short videos to remind you of who you are without alcohol. With scientifically backed tools to regain that best version of yourself.
  • Daily written reminders to focus on what you know is working and avoiding those things that will cause you to lose your momentum
  • A daily reflection and journal prompt so you can see your own progression

Is 100 Days of Lasting Change for You?

  • You are excited about an alcohol free life and want the extra help and motivation
  • ​You are still of two minds about alcohol — mostly happy, but occasionally feel deprived or that something is missing when you turn down a drink. ​
  • You are ready to permanently regain full, conscious control over your drinking habits 
  • You know there is more for you and aren’t quite sure of the habits or techniques to put in place to get to the absolute best version of yourself. ​
  • You find that your life is too stressful and busy and are looking for simple strategies to reduce stress and get back in control of your emotions.​
  • You are ready to show up in life as your best self and finally find the tools to live your happiest, most peaceful life

If this sounds like you, join us for 100 Days of Lasting Change. It’s your key to staying focused, present, aware and happy while creating a new you.