Can You Get Smoother Skin with American Super Collagen?

Have you been hearing about collagen peptides or even more specifically bovine-piscine collagen peptides recently? If you’ve been searching for a solution to turn back the clock a bit and improve the look of your skin, it’s highly likely that you have had someone recommend collagen peptides to you.

Collagen peptides like American Super Collagen is an ingestible option instead of a lotion or crème. In fact, I’ve seen collagen peptides touted as the almost miracle solution for aging and healthy skin.

But does it really work?

You know what, for me, it’s been amazing! But why?

Bovine-piscine collagen peptides, or BPCP, are supplemental collagen peptides from cows and fish. Collagen is the most common protein in the human body and it’s largely responsible for helping to hold us all together – forming the connective tissues in our tendons, ligaments, and joints, and keeps our skin looking smooth.

(Jello actually has BPCP to make it jello!)

Collagen deficiencies can happen as we age and it causes lots of problems, including cellulite and joint pain. With BPCP, you’re replacing what your body has lost and repairing those issues.

Personally, I love American Super Collagen because it has basically no flavor and I can add it to my coffee or another drink in the morning. It also includes some added bonuses – biotin, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid for anti-aging, healthy hair, and to ensure you’re actually absorbing it.

We think it’s definitely worth a try to see if it works for you and we’ve got a great deal on it.