Support Circulation and Blood Flow with Flow

Want to feel an explosion of energy throughout your body? Want more stamina during intimate moments with your partner?

Meet Flow! A nitric oxide booster, it helps to regulate blood flow throughout your body – all from organic fruit and vegetables!

The Benefits of Nitric Oxide

Studies have shown that nitric oxide can be linked to energy, memory, sleep, hormones, bedroom performance, and lubrication. But as we age, our body slows down and produces less than we really need. Plus, products like antibacterial mouthwash or acid blockers can cut down the acid in our stomach and destroy some of the good bacteria in our mouth and gut that we need to convert certain nutrients to nitric oxide.

FLOW derives its nitrate support from the best source possible – spinach and watermelon. Most other nitric oxide supplements are made with beets, which only leverage one salivary pathway. Spinach and watermelon, however, utilize the dual salivary and endothelial pathways and you’ll see those increased benefits in FLOW.

Plus, FLOW is:

  • Pesticide-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, and sugar-free.
  • Tested for gluten, molds, bacteria and to ensure the ingredients are as formulated.
  • Made with gelatin capsules that contain the minimal amount of organic rice powder and no magnesium stearate.
  • Bottled in HDPE bottles—the #1 material sought by recyclers.
  • Arginine-free

Get Healthy Blood Flow to All Your Parts

Flow is the world’s first supplement made from organic fruit and vegetables. For those middle-aged health enthusiasts who care about what they put in their bodies, this is the supplement for you!

Try it out and experience the benefits of increased blood flow to your brain, your heart, and all your parts. It’s great for stamina 😉