Welcome to Third Age Mojo

Who We Are

Third Age Mojo was founded by me, Cat Stone – just a grown-up girl rediscovering my teenage self.

Thankfully, today our ideas about aging are evolving. We are finally moving past the belief that aging is inevitable and not very rewarding, towards the idea that we should anticipate continued personal growth and positive outcomes.

I have always thought that the way that aging has been portrayed in our society is so wrong.

To work hard your whole life and then “retire” and become less meaningful and almost invisible while you deal with one health issue after another is not really appealing, is it?

I’ve got better ideas.

I want this new phase to be pleasurable and rewarding as I go about my business of building a powerful legacy.

cat stone

Good Outcomes Depend on Good Health

On a personal level, eating fresh, healthy food is important, as are robust exercise and restorative sleep.

In the bigger picture, adapting social structures and public policies and programs to take advantage of the opportunities an aging society creates will serve us all better.

We are “owning our age” and Third Age Mojo is here to provide you with information and inspiration to help you strengthen your own Personal Mojo and make this truly the best time of your life.

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