Stay Healthy While Traveling

I used to travel for work – sometimes for one or two weeks. I often worried that the trip would set me back on my health and fitness journey. But it’s actually pretty simple to stay fit while you travel! We love these workouts you can do anywhere from Nerd Fitness (plus they offer great ideas to stay healthy while you travel). And we put together our 5 favorite accessories for healthy travel. Learn how to stay fit and healthy on your next trip!

Intergenerational Interaction Benefits

Working across generations brings us together – to share our strengths and improve the world we share. We think you’ll get a lot of value out of intergenerational volunteering.

Last month, I had cataract surgery and while it’s been a smooth experience, I’ve been learning to take care of my vision. In my own research, I’ve found the perfect things to protect my eyes.

And, if you want to learn about famous caregivers who have been there, too, we have a few profiles for you to read.