Relationships just keep getting better with age!

Did you know they are core needs that drive successful relationships at any age? Renowned relationship expert Dr. Sue Johnson illuminates these needs in her book Hold Me Tight,—7 Lifetime Conversations for a Lifetime of Love. It’s proven that our relationships become more important as we age. Life has an end, and sometimes, it’s far sooner than we’d like to think. Although it’s hard to see, there is always room to learn and grow within our relationships. In her four-step guide, Dr. LeGrice sets guidelines to help you discover meaningful connections with your partner, whether it’s been one year or fifty years.  

Remotely Intergenerational

We are better together

That’s right, the secret is out. At Third Age Mojo, we practice what we preach. Together with my designer and storyteller, Marisa, we share how intergenerational work relationships and working remotely have added value to our lives. 

Do you need to work on the go? I have started dog sitting frequently, and with my setup that I call an “office in a tub,” I can bring my work anywhere I wish. These must-haves are a remote worker’s dream

Get Your Vitality Boosted!

How is your vitality? 

Vitality measures your overall health and fitness. If you want your third age to be your best age, it’s time to start supporting your physical and mental vitality. Increasing your hydration, adding meditation to your routine, and cooking healthy meals you love are some simple yet effective ways you can work towards regaining or maintaining your vitality. With consistency, you can improve your vitality and reduce your stress! 

YouNeed YouTube!

Do you use YouTube? 

I have friends who don’t even watch TV anymore; they watch YouTube to unwind. YouTube is the perfect combo of learning and entertainment. But what if you’ve got something you think others could benefit from? Do you sew? Do you cook? Are you a home repair guru? You can start your YouTube channel to share your talents with the world! The possibilities are truly endless.

Learning to use YouTube is easier than you think. Udemy is my favorite learning site, and it has taught me everything I know about YouTube (and so much more). The courses are inexpensive and taught by experts. It’s a new world out there; anything you want to learn or achieve is at your fingertips. 

Generations Unite! Intergenerational Relationships Rock!

Through intergenerational collaboration, we can share our strengths and work together to improve the world around us. I have been working in affiliate marketing for over five years. It’s a wonderful environment where everyone looks out for and helps others succeed. Age truly doesn’t matter as long as you bring value to the table. Laura Jimenez and I break down our industry and intergenerational relationships on her podcast Affiliate Secrets. Looking for other activities that can engage all generations? Hungry Root is a meal service delivered straight to your door, with ingredients and all! Cooking together not only fills your stomach, but it weaves together tradition, love, and connection across all generations!

What’s so important about your memory?

Do you worry about your memory? Well, worry no more! Dr. Charan Ranganath answers common questions about life and memory in his book, Why We Remember. Learn to let go of the past and live in the present! 

Physical activity helps improve memory and decrease anxiety. Brain games, puzzles, and supplements can all help improve your brain health. Dawn Sylvester helps women learn what they need to get leaner and stronger. Her 7-minute ageless body secret allows women to feel empowered in their bodies while strengthening their minds. 

How to Have a Long and Healthy Life!

Do you know what it takes to live a long and happy life? The answer may surprise you. In The Longevity Project, Drs. Howard S. Friedman and Leslie R. Martin compile the findings of an eighty-year study that answers that very question and more. 

Can we all agree that living long and healthy lives is a common goal? Eating various healthy foods is the best way to get the nutrients you need, but many of us are not hitting the suggested daily amounts in our diets. The National Institute on Aging has a list of suggestions regarding supplements you should take. As a general rule of thumb, ensure the supplements and vitamins you take are high quality; otherwise, you are just throwing money down the drain.

You are going on a date!

Are you ready to get back into the dating world again? Guys, the goal is to look your best (without overdoing it) while staying comfortable and confident. Ladies, whether you are getting ready for a first date or you’ve been married to your date for years, we’ve got outfit inspiration that can help you look and feel your best, too!

If you haven’t had much success finding love on dating apps, it’s time to try a matchmaker! Love and Matchmaking has expert matchmakers who boast a 95% success rate! If you’ve found your match but aren’t feeling confident, they even have date coaching services.

The Bright Side of Longevity

Living healthy is the key to the third age we want to have. That’s why we made it the first pillar of Third Age Mojo. The other pillars are mindset, money, home, relationship, and adventure. All of our pillars rely on the strength of our health. 

Through his podcast, The Brightside of Longevity, Dr. Roger Landry shows us many ways to brighten our journey through life and learn to be grateful for everything we have. On his podcast, guests share practical tips and research on how to live healthy, long lives. Real change starts with shifting your routines, so start your day with a 3-minute positivity journal. If you need help staying accountable, you can join a free positivity community to set yourself up for a happy, healthy, and long third age. 

Join me in some Third Age fitness fun!

Have you ever felt directionless in your workout program? If so, you aren’t alone! Sometimes, all you need to do to feel motivated again is to start something new. If you don’t want to join a gym but are interested in a workout program, I encourage you to try SilverSneakers. They have a basic program that includes squats, rows, pushups, lunges, and deadbugs.

The best part about SilverSneakers is that you can do all of the workouts with the gear you have at home! I’m excited to start and would love some accountability partners; we can workout together via Zoom (no pressure) or check in via direct message on Facebook or through email (Cat@ThirdAgeMojo.com). I can’t wait to spring into action with you!

Get Your Side Hustle Going!

Doesn’t the sound of extra money put a smile on your face? Well, have you ever considered starting a side hustle? You can make extra money and have fun at the same time. My side hustle began when a friend needed someone to dog sit, and it sparked an idea to generate some extra revenue for myself during retirement. It’s important to set yourself up for success by using the best tools and technology to make things like organization and payments easier to manage once your new adventure starts.

Hiking Bliss and Fitness

The days are getting longer and warmer. Are you ready to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful nature around you? Training for and then hiking is the perfect way to get your mojo working. You can help develop your hiking foundation with training guides from REI. Having the proper gear is just as important as training for the hike. What you wear on your feet can truly make or break your experience, so I recommend Merrell Hiking Shoes; they are fabulous!