Healthy Aging with Sarah Cuoco

We can do everything to eat right and maintain our health, but have you ever considered the role that genetics plays?

That’s what health and wellness advocate Sarah Cuoco strives to teach her clients.

Sarah specializes in helping people over 40 live a more fulfilling life through healthy aging, teaching them how to understand their unique genetics and live the best they can.

With her tailored health solutions, she’s helping her clients take charge of their health journeys and live their best lives.

Sarah’s Journey to Health

Like many of us, Sarah’s health issues largely revolved around her weight issues. She struggled with body image issues for most of her life.

In her 20s, she worked with a nutritionist, discovered a nutrition and exercise program for her body type in her early 40s, and then eventually worked with a health coach in her 50s. Through each step, she got closer to improving her health.

But for her, it always felt like something more was missing. Sarah felt like she was aging too fast.

Then, in 2019, she discovered nutrigenomics.

Your DNA and Health

Through a DNA test, Sarah discovered her unique genetic health needs and the nutrients that best support her. Suddenly, she eliminated the guesswork of her health and was able to find the right things for what she needed.

Before, she had been dealing with a multitude of issues for most of her life that were genetically based. Some of the most persistent were related to detoxification and inflammation, which can be underlying causes for numerous health issues.

Five years later, Sarah has seen the results of eating for her unique health profile and helps her clients understand how to merge their genetic information with their nutrition. There is no “magic” pill regarding our health, but there are ways we can do a better job.

Taking Charge of Your Health Journey

While diet and exercise can make fantastic strides in healthy living, understanding our genetic makeup adds another powerful tool to our health arsenal. Technology like DNA testing allows us to personalize our approach to wellness, optimize our nutrition, and potentially uncover hidden health risks.

This doesn’t negate the importance of healthy habits – they remain the cornerstone. But with this additional knowledge, we can tailor those habits for maximum impact.

Want to get some help getting started? Grab Sarah’s free e-book that will help you feel great as you age.

Sarah’s story is a testament to continuous improvement. Learning more about your body and taking charge of your health journey is never too late. Embrace technology, prioritize healthy choices, and empower yourself to live a long and fulfilling life.