Dawn Sylvester: Helping Women Transform at Any Age

What would it feel like to be in your 60s and constantly get mistaken for a woman in your 30s?

To feel a bit like you’ve aged backwards and feel better in your body now than you ever did in your 30s?

That’s exactly what my friend Dawn Sylvester has done!

The Key to Fat Loss

As many of us ladies have done in our lives, Dawn fell into the trap of constant dieting and counting calories. Lots of time getting in cardio and cutting calories, and yet nothing seemed to change.

That’s when Dawn learned that what she was doing to her body wasn’t helping it at all. She needed to learn how to restart her metabolism. It took years for her to feel confident in herself and it was a key discovery that unlocked it – muscle mass.

Most women lose about 8-10% of their muscle mass per decade after they hit 30. That number doubles around the time you hit 50.

Through her learning, Dawn learned that the key to burning fat wasn’t what we thought, but rather about protecting and increasing our muscle mass.

How much muscle you have, can predict whether you’ll burn the calories you’re consuming or store them.

Helping Other Women Learn

Dawn opened Michigan Kettlebells with her husband Craig in 2011, helping women learn and understand what they need to get leaner and stronger.

Through her coaching, she helps her clients change their relationships with food and focus on strength training to reshape their bodies.

But not everyone lives close to her in Michigan and Dawn wanted more women to understand how to fuel their bodies and get in shape.

That’s why she launched her online exercise program the 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret.

Through her program, she’s helped so many women feel empowered in their bodies and even made them feel like they have stronger minds, too!

Who doesn’t want to move, feel and look better with each decade with a program they can do at home in under 10 minutes?

I love what Dawn is doing to help aging women look better, be healthier, boost vitality,  and finally heal their relationship with food so they can get the most out of their lives!