Essentials for Your Perfect Road Trip

Imagine yourself, cruising down a scenic highway, the radio playing your favorite tunes, and the vast American landscape sprawling before you. This is the magic of a road trip, an experience that can only be truly understood when you’re in the driver’s seat.

A road trip, a journey of freedom and discovery, offers the perfect opportunity to explore hidden gems and iconic landmarks at your own pace. The US, a tapestry of breathtaking scenery, unveils its rugged beauty along the Pacific Coast Highway and its heartland charm on Route 66, inviting you to embark on a unique adventure.

We’ve found the essentials for your next road trip to enrich your adventure and make it the most comfortable.

Joyroom phone mount for your car

Navigate with Ease

Very few of us use actual GPS devices, but many phone holders force you to have a vertical view. With this easy phone mount, you can turn your phone horizontally and rotate 360° for a better view. It goes straight on your dashboard, so it’s perfect for putting in your vehicle or a rental car. It’s slip-free, so it’ll stay in place to guide you through your new destinations.

Make Meals in the Car Easy

One of the realities of a road trip is that you’re often eating on the go. While you might stop for a meal, you still eat in the car. Keep it clean and expand your cup holder with this nifty tool. It expands your cupholder to fit larger water bottles and a food tray to let you enjoy your meal safely, and it keeps everything accessible. It’s just the genius thing you need for a fun trip!

cup holder tray for your car that holds both drinks and food

Eat Healthy on the Go

Depending on where you’re traveling to, it’s not always easy to find a good place to grab a meal. Be prepared with this convenient soft cooler bag. It’s collapsible to save space when you’re not using it but has an extra-large capacity when you need it. Everything in your bag stays colder longer with the 5-layer insulation design. It has a unique double-decker design so you can store softer things away from heavier items like cans. The handles make it easy to carry with you as you move around.

Rest Comfortably in the Passenger Seat

Something is soothing about sleeping in a moving car, but it’s not the most comfortable experience. Make being the passenger more comfortable with this twist memory foam pillow. Use it to support your neck, lumbar, or legs – as needed! Bend it to your needs and get cozy while your partner or bestie takes the wheel.

car power inverter

Charge All of Your Devices

Many newer cars come with USB outlets, but not everyone drives a new vehicle. If you’re not alone in the car, you also run out of space in these outlets pretty quickly. Make it easy to keep all of your devices charged with this small car power inverter. It plugs right into your car power outlet and includes two standard sockets and four USB charging ports. With this in the car, there won’t be any fighting over the power!