The Benefits of Biking

Anyone who has heard me talk at all has heard how much I love my bike! I love it for fun, fitness, and to just stay sane. In my new book, The Benefits of Biking, I’m sharing my favorite facts about biking. We’re also looking at the Strava app to make biking easier and more fun.

Become a Mentor

Building solid intergenerational relationships can be your way to make an impact on the world. If you’re wanting to grow your own leadership and intergenerational skills, it’s time to look at Mentoring.org. And if you want to mentor without being geographically constrained, we’ve got the perfect remote tools.

Coworking.com and Altitude Murals

If you work remotely and want to get out of your home office or even out of town and still want to work – Coworker.com can help you find a quiet office, desk, or a meeting space near you! Plus, we’re taking a deep dive into a multi-generational partnership between Chris and Will Krieg and their mural works. You can also check out Chris Krieg’s original works of art!