Strike Up Some Family Fun with Bowling

As the holiday season approaches, you’re preparing to spend more time with family and loved ones.

Want a perfect intergenerational activity that everyone can enjoy? Bowling!

Bowling isn’t just a fun way to get some competitive spirit going, it can also be a great way to get a bit active after the turkey is eaten and the pie has been consumed.

Bowling is a great strength-training activity with the extra weight of the ball, and participating in a healthy activity with loved ones can promote better performance of your heart muscles.

Before you get together, grab some of these bowling essentials to have fun as a whole family.

kr strikeforce bowling shoes

Take Your Own Bowling Shoes

Hate paying those extra rental fees and never feel like the shoes at the alley fit your feet right? Take your own! These inexpensive bowling shoes are perfect for everyone and come in a variety of colors to let you show your personality. Made with a microfiber slide pad, you’ll get a comfortable fit that will help keep your game smooth (and beat the kids!). They’re perfect for left or right-handed bowlers.

Sanitize Your Hands

Ever since COVID, we’ve been a bit more sensible about the germs we expose ourselves to. With flu season ramping up, sharing a bowling ball with a crowd in the alley is a great way to get sick. Add this hand-sanitizing spray to your bag. It’s perfect to use in between your turns and especially before you eat those delicious nachos. Plus, it doesn’t dry out your hands.

vintage bowling shirt

Look the Part with This Vintage Shirt

Before you head to the lanes, you want to get into the spirit of the game, right? Look the part with these comfortable and stylish bowling shirts. These button-down vintage-style shirts come in several color combinations and are created with breathable, lightweight fabric. You’ll be the best-looking player there!

Stay Home and Bowl

Don’t want to head to the local bowling alley? Play a game at home instead with this indoor/outdoor bowling set. These 10 9-inch pins and 2 3-inch balls come with an easy carry bag and are made with sturdy pine to withstand even the most spirited game. You can play inside or out, depending on the weather and it’s the perfect set for kids and adults to play together.

indoor outdoor bowling set