How Yoga Boosts Your Mental Health

I love yoga! It’s a great form of exercise that can be modified for your limitations and has so many benefits.

Did you know that yoga, in addition to being a great exercise, is also great for your mental health?

Not only does the tightening and relaxing of your muscles help you to reduce tension, but the breath training in a yoga practice can help ease anxiety. Researchers have also seen that yoga practitioners have a thicker cerebral cortex, meaning it improves our memory and cognitive skills.

Are you convinced? If you’re ready to give yoga a try and add it to your daily routine, then we’ve got some great resources to get you started!

yoga with adriene courtesy

Get Started with Adriene

If you’ve never done yoga before, it can be intimidating to walk into a class. Instead, follow along with Adriene on YouTube! I love her variety of yoga videos. She’s got long and short exercises available for you and she walks you through modifications and everything you’ll need to know. Her playlists are a goldmine for a new yoga practitioner.

Practice with This Yoga Mat

Want a great reference even when you don’t have a device nearby? Grab this great, anti-slip yoga mat! It includes 75 illustrated yoga poses so you have a reference wherever you are. It’s got ¼” of comfortable padding and is easy to take anywhere. I like that it’s a little oversized so it’s so easy to use for my practice.

instructional yoga mat
trideer yoga blocks

Get Extra Support with Yoga Blocks

Especially when you’re new to yoga, it can be helpful to have a bit of extra balance support. This pair of yoga blocks is perfect for your practice! They’ll help you deepen your stretch and provide stability as you improve your balance and flexibility. These come in 3 colors and include a helpful guide to give you ideas of how to use them, too!

Deepen the Stretch With this Strap

Sometimes a yoga pose calls for a position that can be a bit tough. Use this strap to help! This 10-loop rope will allow you not only to deepen your stretch and your workout, it’ll also help to improve your overall flexibility and help you progress and improve. It’s easy to keep by you and use when needed!

trideer yoga strap

Keep Your Mat Clean

Whether you practice at home or attend a class, you’ll want to keep your yoga mat nice and clean. I love this easy organic spray made with essential oils. It includes all-natural ingredients and won’t leave a sticky or slippery residue on your mat. Plus, it comes in several amazing scents (like lavender) that will help soothe your stress as you practice.