At Home Strength Training to Age Well

Our muscle mass and strength can be our secret weapon to aging well.

Are you doing anything to build yours up?

These amazing finds will help you build up strength easily – at home. The best part? You need to only add it into your routine a couple of days to start seeing some results.

resistance bands

Build Up Your Strength with Resistance

You probably read strength training and worry it means weights. But it doesn’t have to! Resistance bands are the perfect way to add some strength-training into your routine without the intimidation. These bands come in different levels so you can work your way up and start seeing some pretty cool results. Plus, they work to target different muscle groups!

Lift Some Dumbbells

Love a good dumbbell workout? The traditional strength training exercise, this set is one everyone should have in their home gym. This Neoprene Coated Dumbbell Set comes with 6 dumbbells – 2lbs, 3lbs, and 5lbs – and a stand to keep them organized. Coated in neoprene, these cast-iron dumbbells are durable and offer a non-slip grip. Their hexagonal shape also prevents them from rolling away in the middle of your workout.

Boxing Hand Weights

Shadow Box and Build Muscle

Boxing can be a great way to build muscle as a resistance workout, but if you don’t want to hit an actual bag these hand weights are perfect! From 1 to 8 lbs, these weights are molded with the perfect grip for your hands. They’ll mimic the weight of boxing gloves and help you to improve the strength-training part of your workout. Start small – you’ll be surprised at how much this works your body!

Use Your Body Weight

Never sure what you should do for your workout that day? Make it easy with these fitness cards from NewMe. This deck of instructional cards is easy to follow and gives you detailed illustrations and instructions for a home workout. Plus, they’re larger so you can read them from a distance, and moisture resistant for durability. You’ll find workouts fun with ideas for beginners to the more advanced.

prosource gym mats

Create a Home Gym Easily with These Mats

Protect your floor and cushion your home workout with these foam interlocking tiles. Each set covers 24 square feet with ½” thick foam to provide excellent support and cushion. They’re easy to keep clean and give you a polished look without the expense!