Our 10 Favorite Things for Healthy Aging

Want to feel your best? Of course, you do!

Our mission here at Third Age Mojo is to redefine aging and empower you to thrive in your Third Age.

How exactly do you do that? You take care of your body!

That’s why we love the below finds that help us age our best – from the inside out.


Stay Hydrated Easily

Drinking enough water throughout the day is important, but man it can feel boring. Make it a fun and delicious part of your day with this electrolyte water enhancer. This powder mixes in easily to your glass of water and comes in multiple flavors like raspberry lemonade, blueberry pomegranate, tropical punch, and more. With no artificial sweeteners or dyes, you’ll know that you can get great hydration and energy without any unhealthy side effects.

Get Healthy Meal Ideas You’ll Love

You can eat your favorite comfort foods and still eat healthy, thanks to the Well Plated Cookbook by Erin Clarke. The recipes in her book are quick and easy to make, budget-friendly, and include the maximum nutritional value. You can even adjust some of your favorite foods to create healthier alternatives for all the taste without the guilt!

well plated cookbook
pickleball paddles

Join Your Friends on the Pickleball Court

You’re probably hearing more and more friends talking about how fun pickleball is. It’s also perfect for improving your cardiovascular system without the strain. These pickleball paddles from Niupipo come with four balls and a carrying bag. The fiberglass face and honeycomb composition underneath help these paddles to be lightweight and gentle on your elbows.

Stay Balanced with These Shoes

Want to walk more? You need the right footwear! Most walking shoes keep your foot elevated, but these zero-drop soles from Whitin allow your feet to be in a neutral position. That means you’re going to get a more healthy posture and put less stress on your joints. With the wider toe box, your feet will finally have the space they need to breathe, too. These shoes are flexible and non-slip so they’re perfect for getting out into the park, in the hills, or just for a stroll around the neighborhood.

prosper wellness cbd

Get Better Sleep with the Power of CBD

You know that I love CBD! It’s incredibly beneficial and can work for a wide range of issues, including improving your sleep. This full-spectrum CBD is effective in soothing pain, lowering your anxiety, and helping you get a good night’s sleep. It’s better than melatonin or other store-bought solutions and is non-addictive. This is the perfect way to get started sleeping better.

Relieve Muscle Pain with this Acupressure Mat

This mat may look a bit intimidating, but it’s the perfect companion to your meditation practice. Lie on the acupressure mat daily for 10-30 minutes and you’ll notice reduced muscle tension and back pain relief. It fits your full back and includes a pillow to provide holistic pain relief. It’ll massage pressure points, increase your energy and circulation, and help you relieve your stress. Nearly 50,000 five-star reviews swear by it!

acupressure mat

Ease Into Meditation with These Cards

If you’re brand new to meditation, you might want to just ease it in. Take a few minutes every day and use these simple exercises! With 52 easy exercises, this card deck can be memorized or used while on the go, commuting, or just before sleep. They’ll teach you powerful mindfulness techniques that will reduce your stress and anxiety. And since it’s a card deck, it can go with you everywhere!

Track Your Goals and Habits in a Fun Way

Bullet journaling allows you to create your planner to track only what you want. We love this simple, inexpensive solution of the Paperage Dotted Notebook! It’s easy to take everywhere and it comes in 14 different colors so you’re able to select one that’s a great fit for your personality. Its hard cover protects your journal with water-resistant vegan leather and an elastic closure band. Plus it lays flat, making it easier for you to write!

paperage dotted notebook

Protect Yourself from the Sun

We can spend a lot of time outside without much protection, but no one wants to put greasy sunblock on every time they step outdoors either. Enter Neutrogena’s moisturizing face serum with SPF 60+. This fragrance free option is perfect for men and women and also acts as a moisturizer to protect your skin and keep it looking fresh.

Get a Deep Clean with Micellar Water

Ladies, after a day of wearing makeup it’s super important to get that makeup off your face. Most cleansers can’t compete with how tough some of that is. So step it up a notch with CeraVe’s Micellar Water. This cleanser removes makeup, mascara, and excess oil without stripping your face of vital nutrients and its protective barrier.
cerave micellar water