Transform Aging & Find Your Purpose

Here’s a stark reality for you: time is a finite resource. How are you spending yours?

For many of us, getting older means we think a lot more about how we’re spending our time. Add in COVID and the ever-changing conditions in the world, and our thoughts  about our purpose becomes even more persistent.

If you want to build a life that is more balanced, alive, and fulfilled, then Modern Elder Academy is the perfect place to start.

Navigating Your Midlife and Beyond

Founded by Chip Conley, Jeff Hamaoui, and Christine Sperber, Modern Elder Academy was founded to provide people the tools to navigate the final stage of their lives.

With his co-founders and team, Modern Elder Academy blends midlife wisdom and social science-based knowledge to help adults find – and focus on – their life’s calling. 

What do I love about Modern Elder Academy best? They help you connect with and grow your own wisdom. It’s already there, you just need to unlock it.

Get a Roadmap for Your Third Age

While Modern Elder Academy offers in-person retreats and workshops, I know that many of us can’t get away.

That’s why I love that they also offer their programs online!

With their online courses, you can connect with a community of thousands of Third Agers across 40+ countries, and get a roadmap to improve your life.

Living and Working on Purpose

It can be hard to stop the noise and distractions and know what’s right for you as a unique individual. 

With this online workshop, you’ll learn how to be more purposeful, how to choose where to spend your time so it aligns with that purpose, and build a life with more flow, meaning, and significance.

Delivered in 8 modules over 8 weeks, you’ll have expert guidance and success scripts along the way to make it easy for you.

Plus, you even get to dive into your Ikigai and learn new tools to align your talents and skills with your interests.

Reframing Retirement

Ready to live this new phase of your life with intention? Whether you’ve just retired or you’re dreading doing it one day, this 5 day course is the perfect guide to creating a life you love.

Build this next phase of your life and fill it with meaning, purpose, and vitality. With daily 90-minute video lessons, 3 online events, and access to a community of others in the same space, you’ll be able to tackle the emotional and social impacts of retirement.

Escape the Messy Middle of Your Third Age

This new stage of our lives can be a little bit overwhelming. Make it easier with the expert help and advice of those who have been there and have the scientific knowledge to make it an amazing phase of life.