Connect with New Local Friends

Have you been feeling lonely lately? Friendships literally keep us healthy!

Researchers have found that stable, healthy friendships are crucial for our longevity and overall well-being. In fact, those who have friends and close confidants are less likely to suffer from depression or die from heart problems and other chronic diseases.

Making new friends can feel really hard as we get older, especially after COVID.

But we all deserve to have healthy friendships with other like-minded individuals.

So let me introduce you to Amintro!

Make Friends, Live Life

Amintro is a social platform specifically for adults 50+ who are looking for new friendships in their local area.

By creating a free profile, you can start to get connected with someone else in your area who might just be your new best friend.

When you join, you just have to tell Amintro a bit about yourself so that they can help you meet the right people.

Once your profile is set up, you can explore the online community. Amintro will make suggestions based on your profile, interests, experiences, and even future aspirations.

You can use the platform to introduce yourself to the larger community, message other members, and start building lasting relationships.

You can sign up online or download the app to your phone to get started.

Get Social Magazine

Want even more value from Amintro? Check out their free Get Social Magazine. This online publication is packed full of amazing articles that focus on health, recreation, and finances to help you live a happier and healthier life.

You can even use one of their articles as an icebreaker when you’re meeting a new friend on the app.

Build Platonic Friendships

Amintro was created for the mother of the founder, Chalene Nadalin, who at 56 was widowed and a bit isolated as she had devoted her life to raising her family.

Charlene realized there were a lot of online options to meet a new romantic partner, but not a lot to help you find your platonic soulmate.

That’s exactly what she created with Amintro. A place for us to connect with others in our area and build lasting connections.

So why wait? See if you can find your new BFF!