Creating Memories by Moving Together

The holiday season is upon us! Whether you’re spending this time with your children, family, or other loved ones, it can be too easy to focus on the delicious food and drink.

But how are you planning to get active together?

You can help instill healthy habits in the younger generations after dinner by getting outside for a walk, bowling, or throwing the football around together. 

Anything to get away from the screens and create those memories of connection!

It’s not just for the younger ones at the table, either. Prioritizing movement can help you age better.

Extend Your Quality of Life

Do you need a motivator to plan a healthy family activity this week?

Movement has proven to be an important part of our self-sufficiency as we age. Being active not only works as a preventative, but regular exercise also helps us tackle diseases and other health issues more easily.

An important factor for healthy aging is to avoid or reduce obesity. A risk factor for many diseases, eating a healthy diet and staying active can help not only our bodies but our cognitive abilities, too.

And of course, exercise can have a positive impact on our mental health. Regular exercise and movement can help us tackle stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Get Active as a Family

Moving and staying active isn’t just for their benefit, but for yours, too. Make a new tradition to move together as a family! 

There are so many ways you can be active that the entire family will love, like:

  • Walk to the park and play on the playground
  • Play catch or basketball
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Head to a pickleball court
  • Jump at a local trampoline park
  • Go bowling
  • Play a fitness video game together and see who wins! 

Make sure you take a few pictures and videos to share after so you can remember the silly faces, scores, and smiles!

But most importantly – make movement a priority this holiday season.