Our 6 Favorite Things to Help You Thrive

You don’t just want to exist in your Third Age. You want to thrive!

There are so many ways to make that happen. I know that having my best Third Age is down to taking care of myself in multiple ways.

That’s why I’ve built this list of my favorite things to help you thrive, too.

well plated cookbook

Healthy Meal Ideas You’ll Love

You can eat your favorite comfort foods and still eat healthy, thanks to the Well Plated Cookbook by Erin Clarke. The recipes in her book are quick and easy to make, budget-friendly, and include the maximum nutritional value. You can even adjust some of your favorite foods to create healthier alternatives for all the taste without the guilt!

Stay Centered with This Bluetooth Eye Mask

Channel your Chopra meditation right into your ears and block out visual distractions with these fun headphones! This combination of sleep mask and Bluetooth headphones are perfect to help you stay focused on your meditation, block out distractions, and get comfortable. Made of soft, breathable material, you’ll hardly realize you’re wearing them.

Sleep headphones mask
the simple path to wealth book cover

Get the Simple Path to Wealth

It’s never too late to make better financial decisions in our lives. Some paths get you there without taking on complex investments or putting all of your money in the unstable stock market. If you want to build your wealth, JL Collins provides the literal Simple Path to Wealth in this easy read. Move past the fear and gain control of your finances.

Go on Adventures Together

We love doing something fun and different, so make it easy to be spontaneous with The Adventure Challenge – Couples Edition. This scratch-off book includes 50 exciting dates that you have to scratch off to discover what you’ll be doing. Make it more fun by sticking to the “once you’ve scratched it off, you have to do it” rule! Grab your phone to take pictures and document your fun night in the provided spaces. Yes, this adventure book doubles as a scrapbook and journal!

adventure challenge date night book
1above tablets

Keep Your Travel Energy Up with 1Above

Jetlag and just spending time on planes and in airports can zap you. Boost your energy and your immunity with 1Above’s anti-jet lag drink. This tablet dissolves in water to give you a boost when you travel. Trusted by pilots and flight attendants, it’s the perfect solution to kick off your vacation on the best possible foot. Just take on your flight and on your first couple of days and you’ll feel amazing.

Stay Safe with the Apple Watch

The technology in the latest Apple Watches is quite amazing and can save lives. Actor Chevy Chase fell at an event the other day and joked that he had to clear the alert so Apple didn’t send an ambulance. Better than the old medical alert systems, an Apple Watch can help you track your overall health and be set to alert 911 if you do have a fall or health emergency. A much more fun way to track your health.

apple watch series 6