Improve Your Health with Meditation

Would you like to improve your health and slow down aging?
Then there may just be some meditation in your future.

Meditation provides many health benefits for Third Agers!
Among other things, it boosts the immune system, helps control pain, improves sleep, and helps lower blood pressure.
When we practice mindfulness, we prepare our minds and bodies for the journey of life.

If meditation is new to you, we’ve got just what you need to get started.

stress reducing cards

Start With These Stress-Reducing Cards

Developed by mental health care professionals, these meditation cards are perfect for beginners. They’ll teach you how to focus on your breathing and body awareness and walk you through exercises that reduce stress and anxiety. While you can carry the cards with you, they’re also easy to memorize so you can practice anywhere. Plus, they’re beautiful!

Grab a Comfy Seat

Meditation pillows can be uncomfortable if you have any sort of joint issues. That’s why we love this large meditation cushion from Degrees of Comfort. It has memory foam and is thicker and wider than your traditional meditation pillow. It can be used throughout your space as an extra seat, too. Plus, it comes in beautiful colors to match your decor!

degrees of comfort meditation floor pillow

Block Out the Noise

If you share your space or have noisy neighbors, it can be hard to get truly quiet and focus. Make it easy with these noise-canceling earbuds from Beats. Compatible with any phone, you’ll be able to tune in to some good meditative music and tune out everything else. They come in a variety of fun colors and provide up to 8 hours of listening time.

Use Essential Oils to Relax

If relaxing and getting into a meditative state isn’t the easiest thing for you, you can use essential oils to help. This aromatherapy diffuser comes with 10 essential oils so you can create the combination that works best for you. It makes almost no noise and includes soothing lights and mists to soothe your nervous system and get you into the right mode for your meditation.

aroma diffuser
paperage journal

Take Some Time to Reflect

A great way to practice mindfulness without fully meditating? Write it down! Use these beautiful but simple journals to spend time reflecting on your day. You can find some amazing journal prompts, write about something that came to you during your meditation, or just reflect on your day. The act of physically writing down your thoughts can do a lot to connect your mind and body and help you reduce stress.