Relax & Plan For Retirement

A lot of us don’t like talking about money, but have you financially prepared for retirement? When your finances are in a good spot, you can relax and make sure that you stay independent throughout your Third Age. That’s what we all want, right?

If you’re like me and finances aren’t your favorite thing, we’ve found a couple of online calculators that make it easier.

Retirement calculators can help you get an understanding of where you’re at now, how to prepare, and what you’ll need once you retire.

NerdWallet’s Retirement Calculator

We covered this helpful app a few months ago, so if you’ve started using NerdWallet to help you make financial decisions, their free retirement calculator is perfect for you.

With their free online calculator, you’ll be able to input what you’re currently saving, how much you’ll need to live on, and whether or not you’re saving enough for retirement.

It will even show you the target that you need to be putting aside now so you have enough to cover your overall expenses.

It’s a super tool that helps you get a broad picture of your finances.

Pralana Gold Retirement Calculator

If you want a deeper look at your finances and to be able to put in all the variables – including your spouse, mortgage, tax calculations, and more, you might want to spend $99 on the Pralana Gold Retirement Calculator.

This advanced Excel spreadsheet lets you get a separate look at your spouse’s finances, tax calculations, home ownership and mortgages, rental real estate, college education expenses, and so much more.

While free calculators like NerdWallet’s give you a good beginner’s look, Pralana Gold is the digital financial advisor that helps you get a clear look at everything you’re doing and what you need to change to be ready for retirement.

While delving into your financial picture isn’t as sexy or fun, we know that if you treat it seriously you’ll enjoy a much better Third Age, and after all, that’s what we’re all about!