Unconventional Self-Care Products You’ll Love

Taking time to care for yourself is important. While there are many habits you can build to improve your self-care, let’s be honest we all like a little pampering.

If you want our favorite ideas for taking some time for yourself and feeling amazing after, you’re going to love this list of incredible products.

No bath bombs included!

olsky massage gun

Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Ready to feel your absolute best? This deep tissue massage gun comes with 10 heads and 30 speed levels to target various muscle groups, relaxing all parts of your body. It’s the perfect way to iron out knots and release tension from sitting at work or playing too hard with the grandkids during the holidays.

Relieve Muscle Pain with this Acupressure Mat

This mat may look a bit intimidating, but it’s the perfect companion to your meditation practice. Lie on the acupressure mat daily for 10-30 minutes and you’ll notice reduced muscle tension and back pain relief. It fits your full back and includes a pillow to provide holistic pain relief. It’ll massage pressure points, increase your energy and circulation, and help you relieve your stress. Nearly 50,000 five-star reviews swear by it!

acupressure mat
dead sea mud mask

Men, Get a Glowing Complexion

This unisex dead sea mud mask is a natural way to care for and tighten your skin. While it works for everyone, it’s great for men to purify and clean those clogged pores. Rich in minerals, it helps to renew your skin and gently exfoliate, leaving your face feeling softer than ever.

Massage Your Scalp in the Shower

Did you know that you’re only supposed to apply shampoo to your scalp, not every strand of hair? Get a deeper clean, remove dandruff, and even stimulate hair growth with this shampoo brush. Simply apply your shampoo to your scalp and use this to get a deep, relaxing clean.

gua sha

Invest in a Gua Sha Roller

Want to reduce puffiness and help your skin look fresh? This jade roller and Gua Sha stone will help to energize your skin, improve fine lines, and even shape your jawline. They’re pretty incredible little tools and so easy to use! Grab both in this set and maybe even gift to a friend or two.

Take Care of Your Beard

This one is for you guys who love that facial hair is back in style. Take better care of your beard and style with this complete beard kit. It comes with beard shampoo, oil, balm, and a brush, comb, and scissors to keep everything looking trim. Keep your beard from drying out your face and make your partner happy with how well you care for it.

beard kit