4 Smart Solutions for Aging Well at Home

I’m not sure anyone dreams of going to a home when they get older. So don’t! It is possible to age in place, or your own home. Living independently for longer can mean making just a few adjustments to our homes and our daily habits. Thanks to technology, this is easier than ever! Put your loved ones’ minds at ease by investing in these smart solutions that will help you age well at home.
Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The technology in the latest Apple Watches is quite amazing and can save lives. Actor Chevy Chase fell at an event the other day and joked that he had to clear the alert so Apple didn’t send an ambulance. Better than the old medical alert systems, an Apple Watch can help you track your overall health and be set to alert 911 if you do have a fall or health emergency. A much more fun way to track your health.

Make Your Bathtub a Walk-In

Instead of the expense (and time!) of ripping out a bathroom, we recommend taking a look at the CleanCut Step Bathtub Accessibility Kit. This handy kit helps you to transform a regular tub or even a deep soaker tub into one that allows you to step right in instead. It might require a handyman if you don’t feel comfortable doing the cutting portion yourself, but it takes just a couple of hours to do it instead of ripping out an entire tub and installing a new shower.

CleanCut Step Bathtub
tile mate 3 pack

Never Lose Your Keys

Slip these Tile Mate trackers on a keyring or inside of a pocket of anything you don’t want to lose. You can see the location on your phone of where you left something or make the tile ring so you can locate it in your home. Perfect for all the small stuff you keep putting down and forget where you left it.

Open Jars Easily

Perhaps one of the most annoying parts of cooking is trying to get various jars open. Make it simple with this under-cabinet jar opener. It grips the lids and makes it easy to open a bottle – one-handed! Say goodbye to getting frustrated and make your life a little easier.

ez off jar opener
comfi life anti fatigue

Stand in Comfort

The worst part of a long day in the kitchen is what standing in one spot can do to your back and legs. Encourage proper circulation and better posture with these anti-fatigue mats! Non-slip, these mats are perfect for anywhere in your home that you find yourself standing for any length of time. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your home!