Travel for Your Mental Health

I’m not sure I ever need an excuse for a vacation, but it can be a great way to reset and boost your mental health!

Some trips, however, can feel like all-out sprints and you almost need a vacation after your vacation. Instead, make your next trip something that’s a relaxing and healthy destination.

We’ve got some amazing travel ideas for you – from hot springs to full-on health retreats.

Soak it Up in a Hot Spring

Have you ever enjoyed a natural hot spring? The naturally hot bath can allow you to reduce inflammation and blood sugar without doing any exercise. That means less pain, better skin, improved sleep, and overall improved circulation.

That’s a great way to get healthy and it’s so relaxing!

Of course, the other big benefit to hot springs is that you often are in a beautiful, natural area that allows you to disconnect with the world and get connected with nature. Couple that with the ability to socialize with the myriad of visitors to the area, you’ll be able to connect with others you may never have met.

You can find a variety of hot springs in many different states. Some of the best include:

  • Fifth Water Hot Springs, Utah – about an hour outside of Salt Lake City and includes a round-trip hike of about 5 miles.
  • Glenwood Hot Springs, Colorado – The largest mineral pool in the world and the hottest in Colorado, you’ll get to enjoy this hot spring without the hike. You can buy just a pool pass or turn it into a ski vacation and resort trip.
  • Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas – Home to 47 natural hot springs, you can take a dip easily just off the main national park road. While some of the natural springs are too hot, you can explore local bathhouses that use the area’s spring water.
  • Calistoga Hot Springs, California – In the upper Napa Valley, many people trek to these mineral waters to treat arthritis, back pain, and skin conditions. You can soak at local venues and get a full relaxing experience.
  • Valley View Hot Springs, Colorado – Admission is limited to this non-profit-run set of springs, but it’s all done to protect the local ecosystem. You’ll see tons of wildlife, get to experience soaking ponds along trails, and even relax at local rustic accommodations.

Head on a Wellness Retreat

If you love the idea of a hot spring but want to make everything included (with no hiking unless you want to), then you might want to head out on a wellness retreat.

Wellness and health retreats typically take care of everything – including providing healthy food – so you can just sit back, relax, and focus on your well-being.

I love the website BookRetreats for helping me find fun ones I could attend. You can travel inside the US and head to Florida, California, North Carolina, Sedona, and Washington, or head out of the country to Mexico, Bali, Costa Rica, and so much more.

Prices vary depending on what you book, but you’ll be able to find a retreat that suits your budget and needs.

You can even filter for what you want – meals included, solo travelers, women only, close to nature – and start planning.

Gift Yourself Some Time Away

As Christmas nears, this is your sign to give yourself the gift of travel and some time away to relax, explore a new area, and unwind.

What kind of self-care trip will you be taking?