Grandma Droniak is Captivating Social Media

Have you spent much time on TikTok? 

You may hear that it’s a “young kids” app, but it doesn’t have to be. Grandma Droniak has gained a loyal following of over 12.5 MILLION people with her humor and zest for life.

She shares her real life, hilarious takes on dating advice, her outfits, and jokes about her age. 

I love her no-F’s given attitude!

The 92 Year Old Social Media Celebrity

With millions of views on her videos, a thriving Instagram and YouTube channel along with TikTok, Droniak might just be the most beloved grandma.

A self-described “celebrity,” Droniak started her TikTok with her grandson Kevin, who helps her film sometimes though she does many of the videos herself. She wanted to offer a light-hearted look at life and even death.

She even has her own merch line!

One of her most viewed videos is her rules for her funeral, which include not crying too much, getting drunk afterward, and Bertha isn’t invited.

@grandma_droniak it wont be any time soon but dont forget it #funeral #grandma #rules #dontcry #funeralservices #wake #greenscreen ♬ original sound – grandma_droniak

Grandma Droniak told Insider that she made the video to open up a lighthearted conversation around death.

“It doesn’t need to be scary or taboo. It helps you live life better if you’re not afraid.”

A Brand Partner

One of the cool things about TikTok and social media is that it helps the world see more people from all walks of life in product launches.

Over the summer, Grandma Droniak partnered with her favorite skincare brand CeraVe to not only share their products with her following – but get a billboard in Times Square!

@grandma_droniak thanks @CeraVe for making my dreams come true 💙 if you want to be on a Billboard in NYC too then use this filter by July 16th to enter CeraVe’s #CleanseLikeADerm #Contest US Only. Official Rules go to #CeraVePartner #CeraVe #grwm ♬ original sound – grandma_droniak

Recently she partnered with Amazon, too, to promote their holiday deals.

How amazing is it that a 92-year-old with a smartphone and a free account gets to be the face of an entire campaign?

The Rise of the Granfluencer

Grandma Droniak isn’t the only one on the platforms. Several older adults are rocking social media and have been affectionately nicknamed Granfluencers.

CBS reported these older influencers are connecting with the younger generation on these apps in part because they inspire them.

Talk about a great way to make some intergenerational connections!

Make sure to check out Grandma Droniak and think about starting your own TikTok account.