Elder Influence

In this week’s vlog, we explore how through the gathering of our years, we come into our own as wiser and wild souls. We can still have impact as third agers if we choose to be young while old.

Crossing the Divide – Wisdom @ Work

This week we explore combining wisdom with disruption. As power shifts to the young, we need to learn to weave in innovation and disruption with wisdom and experience.

Building Healthy Habits

This month, we’ve been all about building healthy habits. This week, we take a deeper look at how we can embrace personal challenges and turn them into habits. Learn how it can be fun!

Taking hold of finances during retirement

This week, we explore our relationship with money. Learn how to manage your finances for retirement and how you can understand your personal relationship with money.

Third Age Sexuality

We’re all about sexual health and pleasure in our third age, but if that sounds like something of bygone days, watch our vlog this week.

Your Relationship With Alcohol

I always want to feel my very best, and that means eating right, sleeping well, and staying healthy. And too much alcohol can interfere with those objectives. Join us as we explore the psychology of alcohol and the ways we can cut down and reframe our relationship.

Ways to Age in Place Safely

As we navigate our third age, there are some big decisions to make that will determine the rest of our lives. Do you want to live independently in a safe, comfortable environment? Check out our vlog this week.

Technology and Senior Planet

Keeping up with technology can be hard – but we’ve faced plenty of challenges over the years. Plus, we’re being offered more benefits from technology than ever before. It’s a great time to be a third ager!