Live Your Best Life (No Matter Your Age)

How we approach aging, how we think about it, and our mindset about it can have a significant impact on how we actually age. In fact, research shows that those with a positive mindset about aging live an average of 7.5 years longer than those without.

Keeping a positive attitude about aging can be hard when so much of the media out there tells us that we’re “old” once we reach a certain age – and that that’s a bad thing.

If you need some positive aging influence in your life, you need to check out the 55+ Life Magazine!

It’s Your Aging Journey

A free, quarterly magazine, 55+ Life offers expert content on what matters most to us in this Third Age of our life. With focuses on health, food, travel, retirement, lifestyle and so much more, it’s aimed to inspire you to live your best life.

We don’t have to slow down just because we’ve crossed some arbitrary barrier. Now is the perfect time to explore new ideas, get to know new people, and keep learning with enthusiasm.

They release a full publication every quarter. Their most recent publication for summer included lots of great articles about traveling (including how to travel solo), how to live a happier life following the Swedish example, and of course some delicious barbecue recipes!

Find a Home for Your Lifestyle

I love reading all the articles they release each quarter, but one thing that’s unique about 55+ Life is their website includes a home search function.

You can go in and look for a variety of housing options, including active, affordable senior living, maintenance-free, and more advanced care. They have listings largely in New York right now, but it’s always something that could expand out to more areas. 

It’s also just great research as you’re making your own decisions about downsizing or moving to see what’s available or standard.

How Old Do You Feel?

One of their most recent articles talks about our mental vs physical age and how often we feel much younger than we actually are.

If you want to continue to feel young, you need to invite vitality and positivity into your journey! Pay for a physical copy of 55+ Life or go enjoy their online publications. 

You’ll be amazed at how much positive energy really helps.