Taking Aging Tips – From a Dog

Have you ever looked around and wondered how you might age with grace and humor?

You might be looking at the wrong people for inspiration! 

In fact, you may be looking at the wrong species for inspiration.

Humorist and Pulitzer Prize winner Dave Barry teaches us that there’s a lot we can learn about aging from an unusual place – our dogs.

Aging Lessons from Lucy

When Barry was reaching his 70s, he wasn’t happy about it.

In fact, he was pretty reluctant to be that age.

It was then that he looked at his aging yet joyful dog Lucy and realized that she was handling old age far better than he was.

He realizes that his own dog has more friends, fewer worries, and has way more fun in her life. 

What could he, a human, take away from her life?

Tricks to Living Joyously

As Barry watches Lucy, he realizes that he can probably make his own life happier by doing the things that she does.

While making new friends and reconnecting with old ones is harder because he doesn’t like people as much as she does, he does get back in touch with two ridiculously fun groups from his own past.

As he works to live his life in a more Lucy fashion, he takes you through his efforts in a laugh-out-loud funny Lessons from Lucy.

In this witty and friendly guide to joyful living at any age, Dave Barry showcases a new side of himself as a master humorist and imparts invaluable lessons from his beloved canine companion.

Barry Gets Better with Age

Barry has just gotten better with age. And with his Lessons from Lucy, he’s connected with thousands of readers who love seeing parallels in their own dogs and the lessons they can learn about how to live life in a joyous way.

If you’re looking for beautiful yet funny stories and a book that will leave you feeling released from the stresses of life, you need to pick up Lessons from Lucy.