Age Better by Moving More with Pilates

For many of us, exercise is not our favorite activity. It can feel difficult and a little rote. But have you ever tried Pilates?

I love Pilates for helping me to build muscle and stay limber, and it’s something that’s easy enough that I can do it in my home!

I know that getting regular exercise and even focusing on building muscle mass is a proven way to improve the aging process.

That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite pilates and at-home exercise resources for you. Don’t hesitate! Add these to your cart and let’s get moving.

Pilates For Everyone Book Cover

Pilates is for Everyone

If you’ve never done pilates before, it can sound difficult. But it’s really not! The great thing is that it can be adapted to whatever your current strength and range of motion is and help you improve that. That’s why I love this Pilates for Everyone book. It provides 50 exercises that work for any type of body with step-by-step modifications. It’s great for a beginner!

Workout at Home with this Pilates Deck

Want easy-to-follow tutorials? Grab this full package! This Online Pilates Classes set includes video tutorials and flashcards to help you get a great workout at home. Take it at your own pace and work with modifications as you need. You don’t even need any equipment for the exercises.

Online Pilates Class Set
Retrospec Mat

Use This Workout Mat

Don’t have a dedicated workout space in your home? Use this extra thick non-slip mat from Retrospec. It comes in 12 colors and patterns and comes with a strap to make it easier to carry. The non-slip material keeps you steady and balanced and the thickness makes it far more comfortable, even when you use it on hard surfaces.

Tone with This Pilates Ring

Get fit and improve your muscle strength in even the most stubborn areas with this Pilates ring from ProBody Pilates. This exercise circle is a resistance band that helps you to build muscle easily without the weights. It’s durable and comes with a card with 9 exercise ideas to get you started, too. It comes in 6 different colors so you can match it to your personality!

Probody Pilates Ring
Trideer Pilates Ball

Train Your Core with This Pilates Ball

This 9-inch core ball from Trideer is the perfect companion for your at-home Pilates workout. It helps you strengthen key muscles in your core. Your core impacts how you move in every single capacity, so this isn’t something you want to ignore. This small ball stores easily and can even deflate if needed. Just re-inflate it with the supplied pump!