Learn Anything You Want Online

Have you had a boss come to you and want you to do something you’d never really heard of?

Or do you have an idea for a business but you’re not sure where you should start?

Let me tell you about my own secret weapon – Udemy!

It’s no secret that I love lifelong learning. In my day job, I’m often finding myself tackling new-to-me things. For this business (and others I’ve started), their courses have been invaluable to me. They’ve literally helped me build my confidence in what I do.

Online Courses to Improve Lives

The core tenant for Udemy and their 210,000+ courses is to help people around the world improve their lives through learning.

Their courses are taught by over 70,000 expert instructors in over 75 languages, so you know that there will be an instructor that you can click and love to learn from in their system.

You can choose to take a single course (many of them start as low as $14.99) or subscribe as an individual for as low as $16.58/month to get access to 8,000+ of their top-rated courses.

What You Can Learn

You don’t just have to further your career or business with Udemy. They have so many fun courses that cover your creative side or even help you improve your physical health.

Course topics include:

  • Software and Web Development
  • Business
  • Finance and Accounting
  • IT & Software
  • Productivity
  • Personal Development
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Lifestyle
  • Photography & Video
  • Health and Fitness
  • Music
  • Teaching & Academics

One thing that I’ve truly loved about Udemy is that I can learn almost anything I want, at my own pace, for such a reasonable price.

Taking advantage of a course or two really is a no-brainer if you’re wanting to learn something new.

Teach a Course

Do you have knowledge that you’d like to share with the world and earn an income from it?

You can sign up to teach on Udemy, too!

With Udemy, you can create and publish the course you want and have complete control over your content. As a teacher, you can help learners get inspired and earn money as you enroll new students.

Udemy will provide you with resources to get started with your first course and even take you through recording and launching.

Think about the expertise you could share with others!