Improve Your Health: Go Alcohol-Free

Have you ever sat and thought to yourself that you need that nightly beer or glass of wine?

Then wondered why you feel that way?

I have gone through a couple of dry months over the years to help improve my own relationship with alcohol and I’m in the middle of another dry month!

When you give up alcohol for just one month, you can get better sleep, lose weight, improve your skin, and even decrease your risk of liver and heart disease.

For many of us though, the ritual of a delicious drink in the evening can be an even harder habit to break.

That’s why I’ve lined up some of my favorite non-alcoholic drink options for you! You’re going to love these. They don’t skimp on flavor, they’re great to take with you to a night with friends, and they’re easy to keep on hand.

Betty Buzz Drink

Get a Buzz with These Sparkling Sodas

If you’re a mixed drinks person, chances are you love kicking back with a vodka tonic or Moscow Mule. Trade that out for something equally delicious but better for you with Betty Buzz’s premium sparkling sodas! From actress Blake Lively (who famously doesn’t drink), you can grab a variety pack that includes flavors like lemon club soda, lemon-lime, grapefruit, ginger beer, and more. You’ll get all the flavor with only clean ingredients and no artificial colors.

Raise a TÖST

Celebrate those special occasions with zero alcohol. This champagne alternative from TÖST is perfect to sip and enjoy without the consequences. You can grab the original and the rose depending on which you love. Both drinks are made with white tea and white cranberry and all-natural ingredients.

HOP Wtr Drink

The Healthy Alternative to Beer

Love winding down with a beer in the evening but hate the effects in the next morning? Hop WTR is packed with adaptogens and nootropics to deliver the taste of your favorite beer but is alcohol and calorie-free. It comes in a variety of flavors that will leave you refreshed without being weighed down.

Enjoy Your Glass of 0% Wine

Find it hard to give up your ritual glass of wine but want to drink less booze? This award-winning non-alcoholic wine from Gruvi is perfect. It comes in a variety of flavors, including rose, dry secco, red blend, and sangria, and allows you to enjoy your favorite drink without the added sugar or alcohol. With 0.00% alcohol, these wines are perfect for your dry month.

Gruvi 0% wine
Nello SuperCalm

Fight Stress the Healthier Way

For many of us, alcohol is a way to relax and unwind after a long day. Do it healthier with Nello SuperCalm. This drink mix is full of flavor but provides instant stress relief thanks to its blend of KSM-66, magnesium glycinate, l-theanine & vitamin D3. Swap out that glass of wine with this at the end of your day and even through it in your favorite glass. You’ll be glad you did!