Learn New Things – with Free Tuition

Living our best lives should come with a lot of curiosity and learning.

When we were teenagers graduating from high school or in our 20s and leaving college, we probably all foolishly thought we were “done learning.”

How many times has that been proved wrong to you over the years?

Lifelong learning is so incredibly important! When we not only stoke our curiosity and aim to master something new, we’re not only getting ahead in our careers but we’re also improving our mental health.

Lifelong Learning Improves Your Mental Health

When you learn something new regularly, your brain health and memory improve, you have increased mental well-being, more social connectivity, and even more confidence.

There are lots of ways in today’s digital world to keep learning, including YouTube videos, helpful blogs, podcasts, and so much more.

But if you’ve been itching to dive into something new with an expert, you might want to take a college course. The best part? There are 20 colleges that offer free courses for Third Agers..

Go Back to College for Free

If you’re unsure where to start and just want to dive into various topics, then a college course can be a great way to keep learning.

Many of these courses don’t require you to worry about grades, papers, and finals either – you can audit the course without doing homework or taking the tests.

BestColleges has a comprehensive list of in-person universities that offer free tuition to seniors and the requirements for each.

Choose a University Near You

Many of the programs offered through respected universities like the University of Florida, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Kansas, or Colorado State University are funded through state grants.

In many of these locations, there are actually tuition waivers from the state that cover state residents 60 or 62 and over to take and audit undergraduate courses. That means you might not be limited to the universities listed but that one closer to you may offer tuition waivers, too!

While many of the free tuition options largely cover in-person, undergraduate courses, some offer access to graduate program classes and even online college courses. The University of Massachusetts Amherst uses its Senior Citizen Tuition Credit Affidavit to help you choose the course you want to take.

Continued Learning & Intergenerational Connection

I think the thing I like most about the possibility of attending in-person college classes – getting to mix with students of all ages!

Not every college student is in their early 20s. 33% of college students are “older” than the standard student age. I love the concept of opening up and creating relationships with students of all ages who are looking to continue their education.

And hey – might even be a great way to meet a group and put together an intergenerational dinner!

If you’ve ever had an inkling of going back to school and taking a class, I urge you to check out this amazing list and get prepped for the school year!