Harrison Ford is 81 and Not Slowing Down

In May 1977, audiences were introduced to Harrison Ford for the first time.

Already 35, his “late” entry into Hollywood superstardom was kicked off by none other than sci-fi and cult favorite Star Wars.

His partnership with George Lucas brought us the first real action movie in Raiders of the Lost Ark just a few years later in 1981.

The sequel, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, has widely been considered the reason we have the PG-13 rating today.

And just this summer, the fifth Indiana Jones movie was released in June with its star insisting on doing many of his own stunts – in his 80s.

The Leading Actor

Has there been any other actor like Harrison Ford, who dominated movies for decades? He’s starred in over 80 films and TV series since his career began.

What other actor went from hit to hit quite like Ford?

Ford went from sci-fi action vehicles Star Wars and Indiana Jones to Blade Runner to classics like Working Girl, Patriot Games, Fugitive, Air Force One, and recent television hits like Yellowstone:1923 and Shrinking. He’s even starring in two upcoming Marvel movies.

A Carpenter By Trade

Did you know Ford took a break from acting and became a self-employed contractor instead? It was while he was a carpenter that he began working for the production company run by George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola.

His cheerleader and casting director Fred Roos would make sure that he bumped into the right people while working on sets, hoping he would get him cast.

It was a “chance” or “well-coordinated” meeting (depending on who you ask) that led Ford to bump into George Lucas and eventually get his role as Han Solo.

And the rest is history.

A Recent Career Resurgence

It’s not that Ford ever went away per se, but the last few years have seen a major resurgence in his career.

He’s received raves for his performances in his two recent TV roles – Yellowstone: 1923 and Shrinking, but perhaps the coolest thing about Ford?

He’s still an action hero.

Rumored to be playing a rather active role in the upcoming Captain America 4, Ford still loves to do his own stunts.

In fact, Variety reported that he insisted on doing as many of his own stunts for Dial of Destiny as possible because “I’m an old man […] and I want it to look like that.”

While he certainly got hurt while filming and had to shut down production, Ford doesn’t seem to care too much about that.

He’s just out there having as much fun as he can.