Yes, You Can Sleep Through Insomnia

As you’ve gotten older, do you have nights where you just stare at the ceiling and wish you could fall asleep easier?

According to the National Institute on Aging, insomnia is the most common sleep problem in adults aged 60 and older. That means many of us have problems with falling and staying asleep – sometimes for months or even years.

Breaking the insomnia cycle can greatly impact your overall health, too. A good night’s sleep can lead to better cognitive function, memory, and mental health.

If a good night of sleep feels out of reach, it’s time to learn how to get some relief! You need the proven strategies of sleep expert Dr. Brandon Peters in his groundbreaking book Sleep Through Insomnia.

Discover Sleep Relief

You don’t have to accept insomnia as the way your body “just works now.” You can absolutely address the root causes and get a better night’s sleep.

Within Sleep Through Insomnia, Dr. Peters shows us the basics of healthy sleep (and what that actually looks like), how to recognize the common causes of our fatigue, and even the key concepts of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that will help us transform our sleep.

Transform Your Sleep in Just Six Weeks

What I love about this approach is that it’s based on scientific, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

That means what you’ll learn in Sleep Through Insomnia will literally change your thinking and help you address the problems at their source instead of simple tricks and routines that can fade over time.

And it’s definitely better than adding yet another pill to your arsenal.

In Sleep Through Insomnia, Dr. Peters takes you through his six-week CBT program to help you find lasting sleep on a regular basis.

Build Healthy Sleep Habits to Conquer Insomnia

You know that sleep is important, but what’s most important is that we set healthy habits around our sleep to ensure we get the best out of it.

Within his book, Dr. Peters shows how to:

  • Understand your individual sleep pattern
  • Develop good sleep hygiene and bedtime rituals
  • Mind-body techniques to calm your mind and prepare you for sleep
  • Address the root thoughts and behaviors around sleep
  • And create your own personalized sleep plan

His expertise reaches deeper than the traditional hints you’ll hear like avoiding TV or your phone at night and skipping that cup of coffee after a certain time of day.

Many of the 5-star reviews mention how life-changing Sleep Through Insomnia was for their own specific needs and that the principles really transformed their sleep.

If you can’t sleep, it’s time to do something about it.
It’s time to learn how to Sleep Through Insomnia.