Improve Your Sleep, Improve Your Health

Did you just use part of this past three-day weekend to “catch up” on your sleep? 

Our normal work schedules, daily life stress, and even our routines can keep us from getting a good night’s sleep. But days off can mean time for relaxation and maybe a nap or two.

Sleep isn’t just something that’s nice to get. It can actually be incredibly important to our health as we age. In fact, a good night’s sleep can improve our cognitive function, memory, and better our mental health.

If you’ve always wondered how to feel less sleep-deprived and use it to your benefit, you’ll want to grab this fascinating read – Why We Sleep.

Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams

Written by neuroscientist and sleep expert Dr. Matthew Walker, Why We Sleep examines literally just that. Sleep is actually one of the most important but least understood aspects of our life, especially for our health.

Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles to our own lack of sleep? Our own lack of understanding of why it’s so essential.

Be honest – how often do you go to bed an hour later than you should or scroll your phone as you try to fall asleep?

Understanding the importance of sleep can help change your entire attitude toward it, and help you to make a good night’s sleep your next big priority.

The Benefits of Sleep

Within Why We Sleep, you’ll learn the many benefits of sleep and how it scientifically helps our brain. 

Some of the many incredible ways sleep help you include:

  • Improved learning
  • Improved mood and energy levels
  • Regulated hormones
  • Can prevent health issues like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes
  • Slows the effects of aging
  • Increases longevity

Those last three sound like my new favorite excuse to get a good eight hours of sleep!

Sleep – The New Miracle Drug

This is a science-based book so it  may not be one that you read all in one sitting, but you’ll be so intrigued throughout by all the ways that sleep helps heal your body.

With thousands of 5-star reviews on Amazon and fantastic reviews from industry publications, Why We Sleep might just be the key to  health in your Third Age.

I particularly love this review and perspective from The Guardian:

“A neuroscientist has found a revolutionary way of being cleverer, more attractive, slimmer, happier, healthier and of warding off cancer — a good night’s shut-eye”

Take advantage of the latest miracle drug that you already have at the ready! And if you’ve got issues with sleep, Dr. Walker walks you through some best practices and we’ve rounded up some fantastic sleep aids for you, too.

Here’s to a good night’s rest!