From Age-ing to Sage-ing

I’ve been doing a lot of research and working on my own mindset lately. I know that no matter my own age, it’s never too late to understand myself better, have a better connection with life and loved ones, and just be a better person.

For many of us, we’ve often heard of aging as something we’re meant to fear. “Be glad you’re not as old as me” or “I’m too old to do that” are things we’ve heard a lot in our decades on this earth.

But you know what? Aging can be a spiritual experience. Not something to fear, but something to embrace and love.

That’s exactly what rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalmoi teaches us in his beautiful book From Age-ing to Sage-ing.

A Revolutionary Approach to Growing Older

Over the years, we’ve looked at other communities and how they approach growing older. You can take the Japanese approach through Ikigai or by exploring the mindsets of those in the Blue Zones.

For Reb Zalman, he wanted to embark on a journey to get to the bottom of his fears of death and growing older. His hunt took him on a vision quest in a secluded cabin, studying from Sufi masters, Buddhist teachers, and Native American shamans.

In Age-ing to Sage-ing, he distills what he learned through his quest into an inspiring and informative guide to help you get rid of your anxiety about growing older and instead embrace the adventure, passion, and fulfillment that it can bring.

Using neurological and psychological research, he offers techniques that will help you expand your horizons beyond your narrow views of growing older and instead help you embrace an enduring eternity.

Embracing the Spiritual Side of Aging

Perhaps one of my favorite things about this book is that it has helped me to be grateful for my age.

Reb Zalman shows us that we can harness the power of the spirit so that we can become a sage in our own community, helping others around us. With this spiritual approach to aging and gratitude for our experiences, we can use our knowledge to nurture, heal, and maybe even save younger generations from feeling like aging is something to be feared.

With the now 78 million aging Baby Boomer generation, we can completely change how the world looks at aging. But we have to start with ourselves, first.

Learn how you can embrace a healthier view of aging and be someone who shapes society for the better with this amazing read!