Pass on Your Skills with Mentoring

After decades of navigating the twists and turns of life, you possess invaluable insights and practical knowledge that can guide younger individuals through their own journeys. 

Whether it’s career advice, personal development tips, or life lessons learned, mentors become beacons of guidance, helping younger minds make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls.

Becoming a mentor not only helps you connect with others but with yourself in totally new ways. Studies have also found that when older adults focus on mentoring, they see a decrease in their anxiety about ageism.

Mentoring in many ways can be just about showing up for a person that needs you, but if you want to get the most out of your experience (and help your mentee get the most out of theirs), then you need to get into the mentoring mindset.

Maximize your mentoring for yourself and your mentee with Mentoring Mindset, Skills and Tools by Ann Rolfe.

Make Mentoring Easy

Author Ann Rolfe has over 30 years of experience in learning and development, specializing in mentoring since 1994. In her career, she’s helped set up programs and training for both mentors and mentees.

In Mentoring Mindset, Skills and Tools she’s distilling her 30 years of knowledge into an easy guide. She begins by setting the context for mentoring, helping you to get into the right mindset for this unique and special relationship. 

Then, she lays out an easy-to-follow roadmap for a successful mentoring relationship on both sides of the experience.

Inside the book, she shares proven techniques to: 

  • How to start, maintain and end an effective mentoring relationship
  • What to do to build trust and rapport
  • Ways to lead learning and strengths-based development
  • Practical tips, guides, activities, and templates

Pay it Forward with Mentoring

Mentoring can not only be a great way to embrace aging as a spiritual experience as you’re passing down your knowledge to a younger generation, but it can help you to live forever.

I think we have a responsibility as the “older” generation to help our younger people. We’ve lived through and seen so much life. Why would we not want to help give them a leg up so we might make the world a better place in turn?

Grab Mentoring Mindset, Skills and Tools, some of our favorite tools to make mentoring easier, and then go find someone you can help.

I promise it’ll be worth it.