Unlock Mentoring Potential with These Tools

Think back to when you were younger. Did you have an older adult that had a huge impact on your life?

Perhaps they helped you get further in your career, aided you when life got rough, or were just there for you as you started to navigate life as a young adult.

Maybe you never had a traditional mentor, but I’d bet you had someone who felt like a mentor to you.

You can have that same positive impact on a young person. Becoming a mentor can improve your personal and even professional growth. Still, it can also allow you to help the younger generation develop their own skills and create a great intergenerational relationship.

For many of us, mentoring can feel like a time-consuming task, but thanks to today’s technology it doesn’t have to be. We’re sharing our favorite tools that make mentoring easy to fit into your busy schedule.

Logi Webcam

Be Face-to-Face Remotely

Connect with your mentee easily through video calls. Improve your laptop’s camera with this inexpensive option from Logitech. It comes with a full 1080p resolution to provide you with a crisp image. This camera also includes dual mics to allow you to capture high-quality audio. It can connect to your laptop or even your TV, so you can use it wherever you like!

Cut Out the Echo

Hate that echo-y sound you can get on video calls? You need headphones! These will actually plug right into your laptop so you can get high-quality audio in your ears without messing with a bluetooth connection. Plus, these offer a secure fit and the clear color makes them almost invisible on camera. They’re also noise-isolating so you can stay focused on your mentee!

MEE audio M6 Sport Wired Earbuds

Set SMART Goals Together

One of the best frameworks for goal setting is to follow the SMART goal format. This means setting goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. In this workbook for SMART goals, you’ll get 45 SMART goal-setting templates to help you turn your mentee’s desires into targets they can actually hit.

Make Scheduling Time Easy

Who doesn’t hate the back and forth of “I’m not available then, what about this time” and on until you finally find a time that works? Connect easily with your mentee by using a free Calendly account. It syncs up to your digital calendar – like your Google calendar – and allows you to set parameters for people to book on it. You set the boundaries and let them find a time that works. It’s so much easier!
using nudge app

Take it Up a Notch with Your Own App

If you find that you love mentoring and maybe want to turn it into an actual revenue stream, you can invest in the Nudge Coach app. This app has a free version that lets you put together your mentoring program and make it easy to track success, set goals, send messages, and even create groups. Then you can upgrade to the pain version if you turn this into a coaching business.