How to Live Forever

Do you want to know how to live forever? The answer might surprise you!

Knowledge, stories, and myths have been passed down through the generations by the older teaching the younger.

In his book How to Live Forever, founder and CEO Marc Freedman works to answer the question of fulfillment as we age. He offers the theory that doing so might just be linked to our willingness to connect and share with the next generation.

What is the Meaning of Our Lives Past 50?

With so many of us living longer lives thanks to technology and improved health, how do we define the purpose of that “extra time”?

In the past weeks, we’ve studied Ikigai, Enlightened Aging, and even second careers as digital nomads

What we’ll be digging into this month is Freedman’s view on finding that meaning by bringing the generations together.

Intergenerational Cooperation

How to Live Forever covers a huge range of topics, like our drive for longevity and the perils of age segregation.

What Freedman has discovered in his own work and in speaking to social innovators across the globe is how bringing the generations together can be for our mutual benefit.

In his book, he finds wisdom in stories from young and old, featuring icons like Clark Terry and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and those that have lived more ordinary lives.

A Timely, Inspiring Book

Many of the reviews mention the book’s ability to restore their hope in the future generations. We know that we cannot thrive together if we do not work together. 

How to Live Forever gives you the insights, motivation, and even some action steps that you can take to start improving your own intergenerational connections.

It’s time to find fulfillment and happiness in our longer lives by connecting with the next generation and forging a legacy of love that lives beyond us.