Enlightened Aging by Dr. Eric Larson

Do you want to know what’s inspired this entire month of topics at Third Age Mojo? This very book!

Enlightened Aging was such a great reminder to me of what this part of our lives can actually be. That we can seek and go after things we never thought possible, learn new things, and chase hobbies and dreams we’ve long thought not possible.

While we’ll be talking about putting all of those into action this month, let’s take a look at this inspiring book.

Building Resilience for a Long, Active Life

This book offers more than just the canned advice we’ve all heard before. An expert in the science of healthy aging, Dr. Eric B. Larson offers practical advice for growing old with resilience and foresight. In his book, he proposes a path that we can all follow to resilience – one that’s helped many stave off disabilities for as long as possible.

One thing I loved about this book was how it ties together many of the things we’ve discussed recently. The steps Dr. Larson takes us through includes: building and maintaining good physical, mental, and social health.

Real Life Stories of Resilient Aging

Enlightened Aging follows stories from Dr. Larson’s experiences with study participants, patients, friends, and relatives. Using these examples and their outcomes, you’ll be able to determine what your own path of resilient aging can look like. 

Sometimes, all we need is a healthier attitude toward aging! Throughout the book, you’ll be inspired by people who are doing just that. You’ll also get advice and resources to build your own reserves for old age, working with your doctors to stay as healthy as possible, and ideas to build better communities for us Olders.

The Reviews Say it All

Many of the user reviews on Amazon call this their “new handbook for aging,” “great for the boomers,” and “encouraging news.” 

But we especially love Booklist’s perspective and summary – 

“This can-do guide gives commonsense, doable advice on how to proactively create a path to a meaningful life. Refreshingly, Larson, a physician studying how to delay and prevent Alzheimer’s and declines in memory, promotes cost-free approaches rather than pushing particular medicines, supplements, or regimens. Instead, he recommends ways to build resilience by filling mental, physical, and social reserves. This thoughtful, easy-to-read book can help people of any age learn how to boost the likelihood of a long, fulfilling life.”

Enlightened Aging has truly inspired me to go after it, even more than I already felt! I promise – if you give it a read, you will, too.