How to Become a Digital Nomad at Any Age

Remember when we talked about the Oscar-winning Nomadland? The nomadic lifestyle is only growing in popularity and if you’ve been itching to travel more while still working, a digital nomad life might just be the perfect career change you need!

Getting started with a roving lifestyle can seem a bit overwhelming, though. Thankfully, Geoff and Vicky Wells have broken it all down for us in their book How to Become a Digital Nomad at Any Age.

The Guide to Combine Work and Travel

Geoff, a retired computer programmer, and Vicky, a baker and cook, have been married since 1988. Though they mainly live in the Toronto area, they love to travel around Canada and even in tropical spaces like the Bahamas.

In their easy-to-read book, they’ll show you just how being a true digital nomad is different from being a tourist. They’ll teach you how to realize your dreams of traveling in a variety of different ways – regardless of your age!

Practical Steps to the Digital Nomad Life

Divided into three sections, How to Become a Digital Nomad will teach you all you need to know about living the nomadic lifestyle. 

In section one, you’ll learn how to deal with different languages, cultures, and customs, how to get your prescription drugs, navigate local transportation, and even what the different electronic situation is like.

In section two, you’ll learn how you can include pets and house sitting in your lifestyle to help offset the high cost of accommodations. (This part is genius and it’s actually something I personally love to do!)

Section three dives deeper into the digital part, demystifying how you can make money online so you can earn enough income to travel. Plus, if you’re looking to work and travel, we’ve also got the products you need to optimize your desk space

Practical Travel Tips

Even if you don’t plan on working while you travel, we love this book for all the practical tips they cover for traveling. This book is especially useful when you want to do more international travel, too!

If you’re ready to travel and have fun while you work, this is the perfect guide to get started!