Find the Best Volunteer Opportunities Near You

Want to have your best Third Age? You know that you need to stay active! 

For some of us, we want to continue working even after retirement. But what if you don’t need the income or simply want a way to give back to your local community? VolunteerMatch has your answer!

Connect with Good Causes

Spending your time working with a local non-profit is not only beneficial to bridge the generational gap, but it helps you to stay active and it can be great for your mental health!

Are you looking for large volunteer opportunities or simply want to find various non-profits you can help on an as-needed basis? VolunteerMatch is easy to use and has so many opportunities available to you!

Head to their homepage and their location-based website will automatically show you opportunities near you.

It breaks down new volunteer opportunities, upcoming ones, popular volunteer options, and even popular non-profits. You can even search by cause. Help with Education & Literacy, Advocacy, Animals, Arts & Culture, Children & Youth, and so much more! There’s bound to be an organization that will align with your personal beliefs.

The Web’s Largest Volunteer Network

Since they were founded in 1998, VolunteerMatch has helped to generate $10 billion in social value. They currently partner with 117,000 non-profit organizations and have over 100,000 opportunities available to choose from.

Truly, when you want to find a way to give back to your local community, VolunteerMatch is the perfect place to get started!

Plus, if you find a non-profit organization that you absolutely love, you might be able to segue into their board or into a paid position to make an even bigger impact.

It’s totally free to use. All you need to do is start searching for the right option for you.