The Perfect Companion for New Meditators

Have you ever thought about giving your brain a break?

Years of stress – from career, raising children, adult responsibilities, and the reality of growing older – can take a significant toll on the mind. 

You’ve probably heard others talk about meditation and how it can help you, but what is it?

In short, it’s the act of using focus to calm your mind and your body.

Meditation can not only help you reduce your stress and get re-centered, but it can also help prevent dementia and increase your memory function.

If you’re looking to get started without being overwhelmed by all the “hows,” allow me to introduce my favorite app – Chopra.

Take Control of Your Self-Care with Chopra

Founded by the pioneer of alternative medicine Deepak Chopra, the Chopra app helps you to make self-care your number one priority.

I’ll be honest, when they first launched the app, I thought “Even Deepak is going to an app….”

But of course, I downloaded it and I’ve come to rely on it. I use it every morning to guide my own meditation. The wide variety of thoughts, meditations, and narrators is incredibly powerful. I absolutely love it!

You can learn your own unique mind-body type and get content catered just to you to help you stay balanced, healthy, and happy.

Fast Stress Relief Options

You don’t have to meditate with the app every day like I do, but I do recommend you open it every single day and do what you can.

I love that they have things as short as 5 and 10 minutes long for when I’ve got a busy day and longer sessions between 20 and 30 minutes when I can devote more of my time to calming and relaxing that day.

No matter how you use the app, you’re going to see results like I have. In fact, Chopra says over 75% of people who use the meditations report decreased stress, improved mood, and increased connectivity to themselves and others.

Manage Your Mind and Body with Meditation

If you’ve never meditated before, you’ll probably find everything just a little weird at first.

That’s totally normal!

Check out these beginner’s tips from 55 Plus Mag and then download the Chopra app. It’s free to try but you’ll soon find you’re seeing massive benefits to your life.

With reduced stress and anxiety, you’ll lower your blood pressure and gain better concentration.

Don’t wait! Join me on your mediation journey and then head over to the Third Age Mojo Facebook group and let me know how it’s working for you.