Let’s End Ageism

How we view aging starts with us. 

Did you grow up thinking that everyone over the age of 65 was “old” and “infirm?” 

If the answer is yes, it’s likely that you let societal messages affect your thinking over the years.

Now tell me – do you feel that way yourself now that you’re in your Third Age?

I bet not!

Ending the issue of ageism starts with what we believe in ourselves and how we portray ourselves and aging in our society.

In this incredible TED Talk from Ashton Applewhite, she shows us how to question the mainstream narrative and our own internal one.

Dismantling Ageism Prejudice

In her TED Talk, Applewhite urges us to dismantle the fear and stigma associated with aging. She calls ageism the “last socially acceptable form of prejudice” and encourages us to mobilize against it.

Aging is a natural and lifelong process that should unite everyone. Throughout her short talk, Applewhite gives us various ways we can challenge ageist attitudes and behaviors.

Aging Isn’t a Problem to Be Fixed

If we want to end ageism, we need to examine our own feelings about aging, challenge societal biases, and work towards a more inclusive and age-friendly world.

And if you want to dive deeper into Applewhite’s work for more about how you can change your own perceptions (and that of others), make sure to grab her book This Chair Rocks.