How to Age Joyously

How we think about aging has an effect on how well we age.

When we live in a world obsessed with eternal youth, it’s easy to get wrapped up in fear as the years tick by. We worry that we’ll end up in nursing homes or with no memories.

We’ve talked about how our beliefs affect our aging, from Ashton Applewhite to Dr. Becca Levy’s eye-opening Breaking the Age Code book.

Age doesn’t have to fill us with dread. We can live longer, better lives and Daniel J. Levitin shows us how in Successful Aging.

Dispelling the Myths of Aging

One of the most prevalent misconceptions about aging is that memory inevitably declines with age. Contrary to popular belief, research has shown that our cognitive abilities can remain intact and can even improve as we grow older. 

If we want to age our best, we need to recognize and nurture the cognitive strengths that come with experience and wisdom.

In Successful Aging, Levitin takes this and other examples to show us that we need to focus less on our “life span” and more on our “health span.”

Living a longer life isn’t about extending the number of years, but ensuring those years are filled with health, vitality, and happiness.

Maintaining our physical and mental well-being should be a top priority as we age.

The Power and Potential of Our Lives

How do we reach the full potential of our lives and our Third Age?

Levitan suggests we need to embrace our Third Age and recognize the value it brings with a wealth of experiences, knowledge, and wisdom.

Throughout Successful Aging, Levitan recommends we look forward to joy in our later years rather than merely reminiscing. Pursuing happiness and fulfillment should be an ongoing journey, regardless of age. 

When we cultivate positive emotions, engage in meaningful activities, and foster social connections, we can continue to experience joy throughout our lives.

Aging Can Bring Joy

It’s time to challenge the idea that aging is synonymous with decline and embrace the opportunities and joys that come with growing older.

Our Third Age can be filled with so many amazing things. Even better, if we work to change the perception of aging now, we’ll be leaving an incredible gift for the generations to come.

Let’s age joyously!