Everything You Know About Aging is Wrong

I have always thought that the way our society perceives aging is wrong. It’s not about it being inevitable, but it is about it being a reward!

That’s one reason I love Breaking the Age Code by Dr. Becca Levy so much. I was just re-reading it on a flight back from San Diego and highlighting, well, a lot of things.

I know that not everyone learns the same way. Which is why I was so excited to discover this delightful podcast episode of Forever 35 featuring Dr. Levy. In this hour-long episode, hosts Kate and Doree deep dive into the ABCs of aging, how positive age beliefs can impact our physical function, and the importance of building meaningful relationships across generations.

Breaking Our Age Beliefs

Through her research, Dr. Levy has shown that health problems such as memory loss, hearing decline, and cardiovascular events are influenced by the negative age beliefs that dominate the US and other ageist countries.

But we don’t have to be stuck as individuals in that negative space. Using her research and methods, we can shift our mindset and create healthier beliefs around our own aging mentality.

The ABCs of Age Liberation

During this episode, Dr. Levy breaks down one of my favorite parts of Breaking the Age Code – the ABCs of Age Liberation.

These ABCs don’t just impact others. It’s our own beliefs that can impact our own personal behavior and even our health. The ABCs help us to bring awareness to our aging mindset and make mental shifts so that we can age better.

ABC stands for:

  • A – Awareness. Increasing awareness for our own age beliefs but the age messaging we see daily
  • B – Blame. Shifting the blame from aging itself but to the society and culture we’re existing in. 
  • C – Challenge. We want to challenge those negative messages, both as individuals and as a society as a whole.

Adjusting Our Mindset Around Aging

If you want to change how you think and even feel about aging, I encourage you to take an hour and listen to this incredible podcast episode.

Not only will you start to feel your own ideas about aging shift, but you’ll start to see how pervasive negative aging is in our society.

Let’s change it for ourselves and for others so we can age healthily!

Dr. Levy’s interview starts at 21 minutes into the episode if you’d like to skip ahead.