Change Your Mindset. Age Better.

Having a positive mindset about aging can lead to a longer life.

About 7 ½ years longer.

But it can also allow you to age better, too.

Dr. Becca Levy has outlined the importance of our positive mindset around aging in her book Breaking the Age Code.

But when society tells us one thing about ourselves, how do we work on changing our own beliefs?

Personally, I love meditation! It helps me to get my mind right and stay positive. I’ve put together some of my favorite tools to help you get started with meditation without the overwhelm.

homedics white noise machine

Block Out Distractions with this White Noise Machine

This HoMedics white noise machine has over 50,000 five star reviews for a reason! It features 6 soothing sounds to help block out the noise of the world and lets you focus. It also has an auto-off timer for 15, 30, or 60 minutes so you can time your meditation with this awesome machine. This small and portable machine is perfect to use anywhere in your home or on the road.

degrees of comfort meditation floor pillow

Grab a Comfy Seat

Meditation pillows can be uncomfortable if you have any sort of joint issues. That’s why we love this large meditation cushion from Degrees of Comfort. It has memory foam and is thicker and wider than your traditional meditation pillow. It can be used throughout your space as an extra seat, too. Plus, it comes in beautiful colors to match your decor!

mindset breathing buddha

Work on Your Breathing with the Fun Breathing Buddha

One of the best ways to improve your attitude is to reduce your stress. We love this fun Breathing Buddha because it provides a guided visual meditation. In a super fun way! Follow the colors for guided breathing exercises that will help you get a hold of your day and your breathing. It’s small enough to sit on your nightstand, desk, or anywhere you might need to slow down and improve your mindfulness.

desktop zen garden

Practice Mindfulness at Work with this Zen Garden

You may have laughed at a few of these in the 90s, but the desk Zen Garden is back! We love this desktop meditation tool from Island Falls because it allows you to take a break during a stressful day and take a few seconds to focus. Rake the beautiful sand and enjoy the handcrafted nature of the tools. It also just looks great on your desk and serves as a reminder to take a moment for your own mindfulness!

lamare habit tracker calendar

Make Mindfulness a Habit

The best thing you can do for your mindfulness practice? Make it a habit! Use this fun calendar habit tracker from Lamare to track your daily routines in a visual way. Hang it on your wall as a reminder and take it down to fill it out. Goals are habits are more fun when you have a visual to keep you on top of your daily routines.