Hit the Links with These Secret Weapons

Love to golf? Golfing can actually be a great form of exercise for us Third Agers, so don’t feel guilty about your love for the course. In fact, it can improve your mental and physical health by walking up and down the fairways with your friends.

So, take the excuse and get out on the green more often with these amazing finds! We love the things that make it a more fun day on the course.

bionic mens relief grip golf glove

Get a Grip on Your Golf Game with These Gloves

Want to hit the golf course more and improve your game? Golf gloves can help you, even if you have some limited hand strength or arthritis problems. We love these Bionic Relief Grip gloves because they’re form-fitting and help you get a good grip, even if you have some pain in your hands (or if you don’t)!

Tee Off Easily with These Zero Friction Tees

Make placing your ball on the tee, and the tee into the ground, easy with the Zero Friction ZFVictory 5-prong Performance Golf Tee. Its patented 5-prong design allows for reduced contact area between the ball and tee to produce longer, straighter drives. Manufactured with bio-composite materials to be more Earth-friendly.

Add This Retriever to Your Clubs

Working on building up your swing strength but want to protect your back? This handy device attaches to your clubs and makes retrieving your balls even easier! The aptly named SisterAling 3-Prong Golf Ball Retriever Grabber, it’s super simple and effective to use. You’ll wonder how you played without this device!

chromax golf balls

Stop Losing Your Golf Balls

These special, metallic golf balls are created to be high-visibility. Whether you have any vision issues or not, the Chromax Golf Balls are perfect for helping you find your ball all the way down the course. Get a lower score with these unique vivid colored balls. They’re easy to see, track and locate in all light conditions.

caddytek golf cart

Be Your Own Caddy with this Golf Cart

Get the full benefits of an 18 hole game by walking! Make it easier with the Caddytek CaddyLite 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart. This super-light cart is easy to fold and store in your trunk for those surprising nice days. At less than 13 pounds, it will be simple to set up and take around. With multiple compartments, an adjustable handle, and a foot brake, you’ll stop using that cart all together because you’ll be too excited to walk.