Play Together & Build Community

Those who play together, stay together as the old saying goes.

If you want to build your resilience and age better, you need to find your people!

Your community doesn’t have to be large, but we do recommend having some fun together.

Looking for a reason to get together with a couple of friends you haven’t seen in awhile? Bring them over for a game night!

We’ve put together a few of our favorite ways to play and chat the night away.

Enjoy Many Games with These Playing Cards

There’s almost nothing as good as a deck of cards. You can play a ton of games – from poker to rummy to spoons – you can be as quiet or as raucous as you like! We love these stylish waterproof cards so you don’t have to worry if someone spills a beer while you play.

cards against humanity

Laugh Until You Cry with Cards Against Humanity

Full disclosure: their tagline is “A party game for horrible people” so you need a sense of humor when playing this one. But this particular card game is all about making each other laugh! Grab a few friends and quickly learn about each others’ senses of humor. You’ll understand your friends on an entirely new level.

Show Off Your Intellect with this Chess Set

If you love more one-on-one competitions, might we suggest this beautiful wood chess and checkers set? It’s magnetic so the pieces stick to the board for easy transport to any park or cafe. You can play one game and switch to the other easily or go for the best two out of three!

phase 10 card game

Carry a Conversation and Play Phase 10

Phase 10 is an excellent card game that also allows you to chat while you play. Games can go for hours at a time and can bring out the most competitive sides of your friends. This one is perfect if you want something to focus the attention for the night while not getting too buried in a game.

monopoly national parks special edition

Travel the National Parks on a Game Board

We love that Monopoly has so many special editions, so we couldn’t pass up sharing this National Parks special edition. Buy, sell, and trade landscapes like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Yosemite and donate to the National Parks Foundation at the same time! Plus, you can use it as a way to plan your next trip.

Learn Something New with this Mahjong Set

Did you ever play the old Microsoft version of Mahjong while killing time at the office? Well now you can learn the actual game with this travel set! With 144 mini Mahjong tiles, this set is easy to carry and take to a friend’s or to a nice sunny spot. It includes the instruction manual so you can be playing at full speed in no time!