Building Social Connection to Age Better

One of the keys to aging better is to build your resilience. As we age, we go through so many life transitions that the best way to get through it all is to be resilient.

While we’ll be diving into many different ways to build resilience to help us age better this month, one of the most important ways is by building up your social connections.

Studies have shown that the most resilient adults participate in physical activities and focus on their social connections.

How can you age better, build your resilience, and find those new social connections?

Through a couple of super cool apps – Meetup and Heylo!

Find New Social Groups with Meetup

We talked about Meetup a bit ago but we love it so much we’re sharing it again! 

Meetup is a simple service to help you meet new people who share your interests. With their free plan, you can find local communities, learn new things, find support, and even get out of your comfort zone.

One of the great things about Meetup is that it makes it super easy to meet people that you might not normally have a chance to. Find people that want to get out and explore your city with you or get creative.

Improve your health and resilience by literally getting out of the house and diving into some social situations. With Meetup, you can find clubs for physical activities like pickleball or tennis or discover local clubs for gardening, cars, and more!

Organize Your Groups with Heylo

If you already have a group that you’re a part of and you want to make it super easy to manage, we love the newer app Heylo!

With their app, you can easily organize events, collect RSVPs, take attendance, and even communicate in real time with attendees.

Many of the reviews mention how much easier it is to coordinate groups with Heylo versus using other social media platforms or large group chats.

Whether you just want to organize a small group or want to bring on your large community, Heylo is great for making social connections easier!