Retiring is About More Than Money

One of the things I hear most often is concern about what’s next in our Third Age – retirement. Many of us focus on the financial aspects of retirement and making sure we’re ready for it monetarily.

But have you ever wondered if you’re ready for it mentally?

Last week, we talked about the power of resilience to aging well. That resilience applies to one of the biggest changes you’ll make in your life with retirement.

Get prepared for those changes with Retiring by Ted Kaufman and Bruce Hiland.

Retire Successfully

You know that being active is key to living longer and living better. You also probably have a vision for what retirement looks like but haven’t really thought about doing more than making sure you’re financially prepared.

In Kaufman’s and Hiland’s book, you’ll learn how to tackle the profound changes of retirement – your relationships, your identity, the things you’re passionate about, and even the rhythm of your life.

Both of the authors have tackled these very challenges and teach you how they have done so successfully. Kaufman is a former US Senator and Biden’s former Chief of Staff. He retired in 1995 and taught courses at Duke University, Fuqua School of Business, and Sanford School of Public Policy for the next 22 years. 

Hiland, a Wharton MBA, worked at Brown University, as Navy officer, McKinsey, CAO at Time Inc, and 20 years of CEO-level consulting. Throughout his career, he’s been focused on the challenges and opportunities people experienced in their work life.

How Will You Spend Your Retirement?

What I love about Retiring is that it’s so conversational. With action-oriented tips, it can help you shape a life you love after working.

Within this book, you’ll answer for yourself:

  • When to retire? 
  • What to do? 
  • Where to live?
  • And how you’ll maintain your body, mind, heart and soul. 

A bit of planning now and you’ll have the resilience and fortitude for a happy and fulfilling Third Age. 

Avoid the normal emotional and mental hurdles of retirement and plan now to have one you never thought possible!