Managing our Finances After Retirement

Have you been dreaming of retirement? New surveys show the average age people want to retire is 62 – but baby boomers in general also claim they’re going to work longer. Into their late 60s and even 70s!

Your own personal retirement plans can be affected by your work and your love (or lack thereof) for your career, your health, and your finances. Since many now don’t qualify for full government retirement benefits until they’re 67, that can impact when you choose to retire, too.

We talked recently about financially planning for your retirement, knowing how to get your finances together in order to retire. But what do you do to manage your money once you get there?

We’ve got just the resource for you!

Managing Your Income in Retirement

Unfortunately, once we retire doesn’t mean that it’s all going to be sunshine and rainbows. Especially when it comes to money. We have to plan ahead depending on how we set up for retirement.

While that can all get a little complicated and overwhelming, thank goodness for resources like Investopedia’s Your After Retirement Money Guide

This free, online guide is packed full of everything you need to know about managing your money during your retirement. It covers how to handle managing your income, your investments, and your expenses to plan for the rest of your awesome Third Age.

Dig through this guide, because it will take you through the various stages of retirement and how to plan for them. It also covers common risks and teaches you how to budget for them.

Another thing we love about this guide? It covers staying healthy, helping you to plan for medical expenses and even teaching you how to use your Health Savings Account.

Planning for the Retirement You Want

Once you dig into this guide, you’ll notice that it’s not all just cut and dried financial talk. They also help you to plan for the lifestyle you want in your retirement. (Can I get a YES?!) There’s even an entire section on retiring abroad and the best places to do that outside of the US, financially. 

Don’t think your retirement has to be in a traditional location or even in your current home. There’s still time for adventure in your retirement!